Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Beloved

Believe me when I tell you that My heart broke each time I watched you experience pain...I didn't want that for you.  You thought for so long that I left you out on a cliff by yourself to scream and yell and cry - arms beating the air with clenched fists balled so tight no human could pry them apart.  You went to that cliff because you wanted to be where no one could reach you...the strong, stubborn heart I gave you listened to lies, giving you a false sense of control and comfort in the pain you feel at home in.  I stood just behind you there on the edge every time, waiting for you to grab My hand so I could pull you to a less precarious place.  You wanted to do it yourself and I gave you the freedom to try.

I remember the last day you went there alone with great pride.  It was a particularly stormy night with winds that threatened to knock you over the edge and a rain that stung your upturned face.  You acknowledged Me in that moment.  You were honest.  And as you screamed and cried I sent My ocean - waves large and beautiful to crash at the bottom of your cliff; so loud they drowned out your voice.  You stopped, turned around and looked at Me with broken, beautiful eyes.  We stared at each other wordlessly for hours as the wind whipped around us mercilessly and the ocean roared below.  With tears streaming down your face you reached our your hand towards Me.  I took it and pulled you in close.  You only let Me hold you for a second, but I am not afraid of baby steps.

You still go to the cliff, but it's different now.  It is no longer your cliff, but our cliff and you allow Me to hold you for longer and longer moments each time.  I love you completely.  And though you can never comprehend the depths of My love, you have finally understood that in Me, every ending is a new beginning.  I have always had a bright future planned for you, my darling, and I'm excited to unveil it.  Watch and see.  I cannot be anything but good.

All My Love For All Eternity,

Your Father

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