Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cultivation Of The Heart

In your presence, I felt at home.
I felt awake, alive - whole?
You gave me back something I had thought lost, forgotten - impossible?

You spoke to me in a way no one else did, no one else could,
And I listened to you, storing your words away in my heart with a dangerous hope - 
A hope that was lost, destroyed - misplaced?

Your place in my heart was solely yours.
I trusted you completely without an idea, thought - fear?
That you would hurt me.

But hurt me you did.
I bleed from my heart, from my soul, waiting for this pain to cease - 
The sharpest of pains that leaves me breathless, sick - hopeless?

Trust in no one, I tell myself.  Never again.
The hole you left in my heart is much like your presence in my life once was,
Solely, completely - yours?

I will grieve as long as is necessary, I will not rush to forget,
For my heart is broken and needs tending to,
And I desire it to be healed, free - whole?

Whole it will be again, He says to me in the dark.
I have not forgotten you, He whispers in my hair.
You will love again someday, sometime - soon?

For as surely as the morning comes, so just as surely know,
I am cultivating beautiful things in your heart from this loss.
Things you needed to discover, understand - believe?

Before you could become the woman I created you to be,
A woman I have always been proud to call mine,
A woman with great significance, purpose - heart?

Breathe, my love.
You are understood, accepted - beloved.